Plant Based Omega 3 Liquid Drops

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Natural Orange Flavour

Elevate your well-being with our high strength plant-based Omega 3 DHA liquid drops, boasting an impressive 530mg of DHA per 1ml serving. 

Our algal oil is sourced sustainably from Microalgae, using a solvent free extraction, and a fermentation process similar to kombucha making. These drops redefine health support, offering a range of benefits.

By choosing our plant-based alternative, you're not only prioritising your health but also making a conscientious choice for our planet, without compromising on purity, efficacy, quality and taste.

1 bottle = 50 servings (65p per serving)

The Basics

Key ingredients

Algal Oil derived from marine algae, Schizochytrium sp.

↳ An antioxidant blend of plant based natural rosemary extract & tocopherol-rich extract - which keep the product fresh.

At Luna & Solis, we believe in keeping things simple and natural. We only use the purest and highest quality ingredients, so you can trust that every ingredient in our products is there for a reason. No added fillers, bulking agents, sweeteners, or artificial colours. Suitable for vegans.

How to use

Simply take the recommended daily dose of 1 ml (that's one pipette full) directly on your tongue for a delicious and nutritious boost.

Can be taken at any time of the day, with or without food.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a medical condition or are under medical supervision, please consult with your doctor before taking any supplements.


🍊 Natural Orange Flavour

No fishy burps or aftertaste.

Liquid drops vs capsules

Liquid drops outshine capsules with the rate of absorption and convenience, making them the preferred choice for those who struggle with swallowing large pills.

Plant based. Suitable for Vegans

Free from common allergens and nasties

Sustainably sourced from Algae


Solvent Free Extraction

Third Party Tested: No heavy metals or pesticides

Did you know

Fish do not actually produce Omega-3 fatty acids themselves but obtain them from their diet, primarily through the consumption of microalgae and smaller marine organisms. Our Omega-3 DHA not only benefits your overall health but helps save around 521 anchovies per 50ml bottle and 10,426 anchovies per KG, contributing to the preservation of stock in the ocean.

It’s a no brainer, surely!



DHA supports brain health by enhancing memory, mood, and cognitive function. It may also reduce the risk of cognitive decline, managing depression and anxiety.

The bodys highest concentration of DHA is found in the retina of the eye. Omega 3 DHA supports eye health by reducing inflammation, alleviating dry eye syndrome and protecting against blue light exposure.

Omega 3 DHA supports heart health by lowering triglycerides, reducing inflammation, and potentially lowering blood pressure, overall reducing the risk of heart disease.

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What makes our DHA different

Not all omega 3 supplements are created equally. Here is what makes us different:

Plant based source

Fish don't produce omega 3; they obtain it from eating algae. By sourcing directly from plant based algae, we're protecting our marine ecosystems and ensuring an ocean friendly omega 3 supply.

Naturally flavourless

Our algal oil undergoes a solvent-free extraction method, effectively removing almost all traces of fishy flavour and scent. We enhance it with a natural orange flavour for an even more delightful taste.


If you've ever experienced the unpleasant fish burp, you've actually encountered oxidised fish oil. The omega 3 DHA molecule possesses a heightened sensitivity to air due to its numerous double bonds. Our technique ensures these fragile fat chains are protected from oxidation leading to a better taste experience

Pure & high strength

We don't use any carrier oils, our product is 100% algal oil. All you need is 1ml serving (thats 1 pipette) to get your 530mg of plant based omega 3 DHA. Most other oils on the market require 2-5ml servings for an adequate amount.

Free from contaminants, chemicals and heavy metals

Unlike ocean derived Omega-3s that have to undergo many purification processes to remove environmental contaminants, our algae is never exposed to these contaminants in the first place as they are grown in closed environments.

The algae undergoes a solvent free extraction using water, and food grade enzymes to harvest the Omega 3 DHA. It also undertakes a fermentation process similar to kombucha making.

Plant based ☀ Ocean Friendly ☀ No preservatives ☀

Sourced From

Our strain of Marine Algae is wild-sourced in the Bay of Fundy, NS, Canada. Our algae is fermented (multiplied) and extracted in a completely closed system, on land in the UK, using minimal inputs and a solvent free extraction. Completely free of heavy metals, pesticides, microplastics and other environmental contaminants.

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