The Meaning Behind Our Name: Luna & Solis

The Moon & Sun

We’re inspired by balance. The balance of nature, our bodies and our planet. Our name literally translates to moon & sun and the balance of our sun and moon are the reason that we exist.

Who We Are

Wellness Rooted in Rituals

Welcome to Luna & Solis, a community-driven wellness brand founded by a brother and sister duo who share a deep passion for health and wellness.

Our journey began with a personal experience of health challenges that ignited our curiosity about the importance of looking at health from a holistic and integrative approach.

We understand that everyone is built differently. We believe that achieving true well-being goes beyond just addressing symptoms; it requires feeding our cells optimally so we can feel healthier, perform better, and improve healthspan.

We realised that the supplement market was flooded with products of questionable quality and a lack of transparency in the supply chain, often filled with extra ingredients that may be doing more inflammatory harm than good. This realisation fuelled our mission to create a brand built on a foundation of transparency. We are committed to educating consumers about the supplements they consume and emphasising the utmost importance of ingredient quality.

We can do better.

At Luna & Solis, we are not just providing products; we want to build a community dedicated to supporting longevity and healthy ageing. We believe that a healthy, vibrant life is within reach for everyone, and we are here to help you on your journey towards a healthier, more informed life. Together, we can achieve optimal wellness and support longevity for all.

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Wellness redefined, Consciously

We are committed to using only proven ingredients of the highest quality, and to promoting education and transparency in all that we do. Our products undergo our own in house TEST:

T- raceability

At Luna & Solis we ensure you know the exact origins of all ingredients in our products.


We only produce products that have the ability to provide a beneficial effect. We use nutrients that are supported by an extensive body of research.


We believe that the health of the planet is intrinsically linked to the health of its inhabitants, and we are committed to creating products that support both. We recognise that traditional methods of supplement production and consumption can have negative environmental impacts, such as overfishing, deforestation, and excess packaging waste. As a result, we prioritise sustainability in all aspects of our business, from the sourcing of our ingredients to the production and packaging of our products.


We strive to be a brand that inspires and motivates our customers to take control of their health and well-being, and to make informed decisions about the products they use.

"You have two homes, Earth and your body. Take care of them."

- John Biccard