Vitamin K2

Found in: Natto, fermented food, hard cheese
Sourced from: Oslo, Norway
What Luna & Solis products it can be found in: Plant based VItamin D3 & K2
Form: Menaquinone -7
Why it’s a sustainable choice:
Research: To find out more about Vitamin K2 and its benefits, you can read the numerous studies here:

Our K2 boasts superior purity and bioavailability, ensuring your body gets the optimal K2 it deserves!

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Benefits of Vitamin K2

Synergistic Action with Vitamin D

Both vitamins D and K2 play crucial roles in calcium metabolism. While vitamin D enhances calcium absorption from the gut, vitamin K2 helps direct that calcium to the bones and teeth and away from the arteries and soft tissues.

Bone Health

K2 supports strong bones by helping utilise calcium effectively.

Heart Health

K2 ensures calcium doesn't accumulate in the arteries, promoting overall cardiovascular well-being.